Ignite Your Productivity &  Business Momentum in Just One Week! 

with the One-Week Business Momentum Accelerator

Are you an ambitious agency, B2B coaching, consulting or knowledge business owner working long hours, feeling overwhelmed, distracted or scattered? 

Stop spinning your wheels on endless to-do lists. With the One-Week Business Momentum Accelerator you can finally impulse meaningful growth in your business without working harder, longer, or even faster than you currently are. 

It will help you identify the needle-moving activities in your business, hold you accountable, so you can delegate or ignore the rest and make significant strides in your impact and growth.

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You'll be Amazed at What You Can Accomplish in Just One Short Week

During the week, you will:

  • Sharpen Your Focus: Gain laser focus and tackle key business activities with renewed clarity.
  • Boost Productivity: Develop powerful planning habits and practical strategies to maximize your output.
  • Make Faster Decisions: Eliminate overwhelm and confidently choose the right path for your business.
  • Experience Increased Confidence: Strengthen your self-belief and approach challenges with a winning mindset.
  • Enhance Flow and Well-beingExperience greater inner peace and a sense of flow while working smarter, not harder.

You will come away from this one-week momentum accelerator with:

  • Clear priorities and a focused direction for your business.
  • Enhanced productivity, strategic planning and execution habits
  • Practical experience with tools and strategies that can be applied beyond the program.

What You’re Getting

  • Vision, Mission and Goal and Onboarding Survey
    - A pre-call online survey to help you clearly articulate your current business state and aspirations, ensuring the initial 40-minute strategic call is highly focused and productive.
  • An Initial 45-Minute Strategic Call:
    - A deep dive into your current situation, goals and biggest challenges.
    - A 10-minute interview segment to gather insights on your needs, expectations, aspirations, and habits contributing also to the ongoing refinement of my services.
  • A 20-Minute Session to Design Your Action Plan for the Week
    - Identification and prioritization of three main goals to focus on for the week.
    - A custom-tailored prioritized action plan outlining specific steps to achieve your current goals, and overcome potential obstacles
  • Check-Ins:
    - Three e-mail or Whatsapp check-ins to monitor progress, address any emerging obstacles, and keep momentum high.
  • Closing 25-Minute Review Call:
    - A follow-up call at the end of the week, to discuss progress, resolve any lingering challenges, and ensure sustained momentum toward goals during which we:
    - Review your accomplishments and lessons learned over the week.
    - Strategic advice on maintaining focus and applying the week’s insights to longer-term goals.
    - 5-minute feedback questions.
  • Limited Slots Available: Only 20 slots will be opened at his price to ensure personalized attention and maximize the impact of the coaching.
  • Early Bird Bonus: The first five registrants each month will receive an additional exclusive 30-minute deep-dive session into a specific area of you business.

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Get the business momentum you deserve without more hustle or grind

Our 100% Momentum Boost Guarantee:

If, by the end of the One-Week Business Momentum Accelerator, you don't feel more clear and focused on your business goals, or if you haven't identified actionable steps to improve your time management and productivity, you will receive:

  • A complimentary 20-minute feedback and strategy session to reassess and refine your planning, and execution processes
  • And if after this extra strategy session, you still don’t feel you haven’t received what you were hoping for, you will receive a 100% refund of your enrollment fee.

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